Hello! My name is Irena Zablotska (aka Joulu). I'm a Ukrainian artist and illustrator based in London. I usually take my inspiration from travel, people, animals and childhood fears. 

I'm always open for collaborations, commissions and interesting projects. Drop me a line anytime if you have any questions or just want to say hello




Harmonix (USA)
Plansponsor Magazine (USA)
Huck Magazine (UK)
Naive Records (France)
Computer Arts Magazine (UK)
The Telegraph Magazine (UK)
Elle (Russia)
Studioburo (France)
The Few Gallery (UK)
Epos Card (Japan)
Caldodecultivo MGZ (Spain)
Tiger Translate (Singapure)
Spacialten Magazine (UK)

Sleep City Records (Portugal)
and more...


Exhibitions and Actions


Seul Illustration Fair '1+( )-Global Network' (2016) (South Korea);
BikeArt Exhibition (2016) (Greece);
International Arsenal Book Festival (2014) (Kyiv, Ukraine);
Creatures of the Deep (2013) (Liverpool, UK);
Project '50' (2013) (Lviv, Ukraine);
Go Font Yourself (2009) (Sydney-Melbourne-Brisbane, Australia);
Park'n'Rock (2009) (Toulouse-Paris-Marseille, France);
Planeta Alerta (2009) (San Jose, Costa Rica);
Art Parade (2008) (St. Petersburg, Russia);
Happy Wheels Show (2008) (Rouen, France);
Faces & Laces (2008) (Moscow, Russia);
Anything Could Happen... (2008) (Los Angeles, USA);
Would you like art with that? (2007) (Los Angeles, USA);
TO:_____ FROM:_____ (2007) (Los Angeles, USA);
Delirium Tremens (2007) (Los Angeles, USA);
Artraut festival (2007) (Lviv, Ukraine);
3 NIGHTS AT THE BISCUIT (2007) (Los Angeles, USA);
Art Loft 2007 (2007) (Los Angeles, USA).